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The Science and Humanities department has been established in the year 2019. The Department has 10 well qualified faculty members. The department caters to the academic and research needs of the students of B.E. and Ph. D. programmes and strengthening their knowledge in basics science and Humanities to serve as a launching pad for their technological career. It provides strong foundation in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English which in turn dispense as a baseline for all Engineering streams. It has been constantly producing good results in the university Examinations. The department has well-established laboratories to accommodate forty students at a time for conducting experiments in Chemistry, Physics and Language for B.E. students.

The faculty members of the department awarded with Doctoral degree in most reputed Universities and faculty members are guiding the Ph.D students in their respective fields of research. The areas of research are X-ray crystallography, Material Science (Crystal Growth, Thin Film, Fuel Cells, Fiber synthesis), Nonlinear Dynamics, Advanced Ceramics, Nano-science and Technology, supramolecular chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic–organic hybrid materials, crystal engineering, water analysis, environmental studies, Functional Analysis and Fuzzy fixed point theory. The faculty members periodically present research papers at national and international seminar and conferences and publishing research articles in journals. The department has organized several conferences and workshops as extension activities.

Ph.D degree programs are offered in the following specializations:

• Material Science- Advance Ceramics

• X-Ray Crystallography and Crystal Growth

• Nano sol-gel synthesis

• Nonlinear Dynamics

• Functional Analysis and Fuzzy fixed point theory

• Crystal engineering, Inorganic–organic hybrid materials and water analysis

At present the total annual intake into B.E degree courses are 420 and Ph.D. programs stands at 03.

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Faculty Profile


Course supported


Lab Dimension : 15m x 10m

I- Semester All Departments (Civil, Mechanical, EEE, ECE, Geo Informatics)

Faculty Incharge : Dr. K. Saminathan, Dr. V.M. Gandhimathi & Dr. J. Judes

List of Major Equipment’s

1. Ultrasonic Interferometer

2. Semiconducting Laser

3. Optical fiber kit

4. Traveling microscope

5. Spectrometer

6. CRO

7. Band gap determination kit

8. Digital balance

Seminars / Symposium/Conferences organized:

S.No Seminars/ Symposium/ Conferences Title Name of the Resource Person(s) with Designation & Affiliation Convenor/ Coordinators/ Organizers Date
1 National Seminar National Level workshop on “Recent Advancements in Material Science (RAMS-2017) Dr.N.Srinivasan Associate professor, Thiagarajar College, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. Dr.K. Saminathan, Dr.V.M.Gandhimathi, Dr.J.Judes 27th February 2017
2 National Symposium First National Level Symposium SCILANG 2018 Mr. P. Selvavinayagam Station Chemist Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project, Kudankulam Dr.K. Saminathan, Dr.V.M.Gandhimathi, Dr.J. Judes 28th March 2018

S.No Work shop/Seminar/ FDTP Title of the Work shop/Seminar/FDTP Name of the Resource person. Co-ordinators Date
1 Workshop Recent Trends in Mathematical Coding Theory& Cryptography Dr.R.S. Selvaraj, NIT, Warangal Dr.R. Mohanraj &Dr.K. Ganesamoorthy 17-10-2014
2 FDTP One Week FDTP on MA6451-Probability&Random Processes Various resource Persons. Dr.R. Mohanraj &Dr.K. Ganesamoorthy 12-12-2014 to 18-12-2014
3 Seminar Clustering Techniques in Fuzzy sets& systems Dr. S.R. Kannan Pondicherry University, Pondicherry Dr.R.Mohanraj & Mr. C. Peter Devadoss 30-10-2015


National Seminar on Recent Trends in Medicinal Chemistry

National Level workshop on “Recent Advancements in Material Science