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Menu Clubs and Committees

Glimpses of Academic Pursuits

The institution has recorded significant progress in academic pursuits by way of its programmes of teaching, research and extension activities.

In addition to regular curricular programmes like Classroom instructions, Interactive Sessions, Class Seminars, Presentations, Brainstorming sessions, Role Plays, Quiz programmes, Debates, etc. notable activities were conducted by various departments every year for educational enrichment and quality enhancement and for inculcation of interpersonal human skills and for the holistic development of personality of the students.


The Red Ribbon Club aims at harnessing the potential of the youth by equipping them with correct information on HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Support and Treatment. It also aims in building their capacities as peer educators in spreading messages on positive health behaviour in an enabling environment and increasing voluntary blood donation among youth.

Youth represent a substantial part of the membership of Red Cross for its humanitarian commitment. Young volunteers can make a significant contribution to meeting the needs of the most vulnerable people within their local communities through Red Cross youth program. This has been designed to involve young people as much as possible in the movement and its activities not only as workers and also as beneficiaries, but as partners in management.

Dr. P. Mathumathi, AP/English, Dept. of S&H and YRC/RRC Programme Officer and attended a one-day training programme for Programme Officers along with 4 Student Volunteers at Anna Univesity: Regional Campus Tirunelveli on 21.03.18.

Dr. C. Chitralega is the coordinator from the academic year 2022-23

Fine Arts Club

The Fine Arts Club gives students a broader view of art and the many forms it takes. It provides an environment for the education, creation, performance and celebration of arts. It encourages and brings out the artistic capabilities of students in the field of Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts and other cultural activities. The students of this institution participated and won prizes in several significant programmes / events relating to language, culture, music and literature. College Annual Day was celebrated on 23.03.18.

Dr.E.Wiselin Kiruba, AP/CSE and Dr.B.Saravanan, Physical Director are the coordinators of the Fine Arts Club. The students participated in various competitions conducted by Engineering and Arts and Science Colleges in and around Thoothukudi. Mr. S. Vignesh and Mr.A. Srikumar of II Mechanical won second place with a cash Prize of Rs.750 in the Quiz Competition conducted by Alumni Association of Aditanar College of Arts and Science on 25-09-2017.The Fine Arts Club organized the women’s day program on March 8th 2018 with Mrs. Gayathri Thilagavathy, Senior PG Assistant, Subbaiah Vidyalayam as the Chief Guest.

Reader’s Club

The Reader’s Club focuses on the development of students as leaders in their community and work places. The Reader’s Club has a Staff Co-ordinator and 50 students have registered their names under this club. The Reader’s Club of our institution has taken the initiative to inculcate the reading habit of the engineering students from first year itself. In this regard,

Web Committee

Dr. J. Judes, AP/Physics and Head(S&H) is the faculty in-charge and Mr. J.Sahaya Arul, System admin were the incharges for design and development including its structure, design and procedures of our institution Website. From August 2023 Dr.A.Sakthi Bharathi AP/CSE is handling the website incharge duty.

Purchase Committee

A Purchase Committee is a group of designated staff including HODs of various departments and established for independent review and evaluation of purchasing documentation whose main role is to recommend the most appropriate supplier or service provider based on price, quality, stock availability, references etc.

Technical Advisory Committee

A Technical Adviory Committee has been constituted to provide expert advice with regards to the R & D program, recommends development plans etc.

Anti-ragging Committee

Anti ragging committee has been constituted for the academic year 2013-14 (Revised Accordingly) as per UGC menace on ragging. The committee comprises of the heads of all the departments and Deputy Wardens of college hostels as Members and Dean as Chairman of the Committee. We are proud to announce that so far no cases have been lodged against any boy or girl for indulging in ragging.

Task Force Committee

The Task Force Committee has been constituted for ensuring the safe environment for the women employees and girl students in the academic campus. Seven faculty members have been nominated to act vibrantly in the Taskforce committee. The Taskforce committee members will take necessary action for ensuring the safety of the girl students and women employees. The institution shall punish anybody found guilty based on the above incidents/actions and the Taskforce committee in consultation with the Anna University, Chennai shall take an appropriate decision and may recommend the punishments. The women employees and girl students can contact the Taskforce committee members and may get the guidelines and further details for ensuring safe environment in this campus.

Women Empowerment Cell

Help Line: 9443066956

Dr. A.Sakthi Bharathi, AP and HOD/CSE has taken charge for our Women Empowerment Cell on 2.2.2018. The cell has conducted a program on “Need for Women Empowerment" on 19/3/2018. 37 students and 5 staff members enthusiastically participated in the seminar followed by discussions on various issues related to women and her empowerment. Dr. A.Sakthi Bharathi has presented a talk on "Need for Women Empowerment". The various need for women empowerment, the hurdles in executing women empowerment, the achievements of women in our society, their economic status, welfare, development were discussed by the students and staff.

Entrepreneur Development Cell

The people who create businesses are called entrepreneurs, one who creates a new business in the face of risk and uncertainty for the purpose of achieving profit and growth by identifying and assembling the necessary resources to capitalize on them. Entrepreneurship typically focus on the launching and running of businesses, due to the high risks involved in launching a start-up, a significant proportion of start-up businesses have to close due to "lack of funding, bad business decisions, an economic crisis, lack of market demand or a combination of all of these.

The Entrepreneurship Cell was started in 2017 onwards and the faculty in-charge is Mrs. S. Manimegalai ME (Ph.D). The objective of this entrepreneurship is to motivate the students to create innovative ideas about their projects and to expose them to entrepreneurship.

• Mrs.S.Manimegalai, AP/Civil and 16 students participated in the workshop on the topic of “Tamilnadu student innovator 2017- startup” on 12.9.17 at Anna University, Regional Centre, Tirunelveli- 627 007.

• A one day workshop was organized by E-leader cell for the topic of “student design project” on 18.9.2017 at Anna University Regional Centre, Tirunelveli-7, Mrs. S. Manimegalai AP/Civil and Maria Jenifa. J of Final Civil (T) participated in the workshop.

• A Three day workshop was organized by E-leader cell on the topic “Faculty Development Programme on Entrepreneurship training and collaboration with vadhwani foundation” from 4.10.2017 to 6.10.2017 at Anna University Regional Centre, Tirunelveli-7. Dr.B.Jeyanthi Dean and Mrs.S.Manimegalai AP/Civil participated in the workshop.

• A Two day workshop was organized by E-leader cell for the topic of “Entrepreneurship workshop” on 10.1.2018 11.1.2018 at Anna University Regional Centre, Tirunelveli-7 and our II year Civil Students Subash Chandar, Karthick. M participated in the workshop.

• A one day workshop was organized by E-leader cell on the topic of “Business Quiz Competition” on 22.1.2018 at Anna University Regional Centre, Tirunelveli-7 and II year Civil Students Hariharasudhan and Ayyamperumal participated in the workshop.

National Service Scheme

The motto of NSS is “Not Me but You”, which means giving service to another person who really deserves it. The main aim of NSS is to develop all round personality of the student. NSS wing of our institute aims at nurturing social awareness among the students through its valuable activities. There are 2 NSS Units in our institution. Programme Officer for Unit – I is Dr. A. Saranya, AP/Civil and Programme Officer for Unit – II is Dr. R. A. Malairajan, AP &HOD/Mechanical. The activities of our NSS units are as follows: The NSS Units have organized Blood Donation Camp and various awareness programmes. Apart from organizing various awareness programmes like Road Safety Week, National Youth Day, AIDS awareness and our NSS volunteers took part in the first and second phase of Mission Clean Thamirabharani at Tirunelveli, participated in the Mission Clean Thoothukudi City, took part in a Marathon for AIDS awareness, Cancer awareness programme at Tirunelveli. 5 final year students got a wonderful opportunity to take part in the programme “One day with Collector” and had an interactive session for the unpradation of the city with Thoothukudi District Collector Thiru. M. Venkatesan IAS. The 2 NSS Units successfully conducted the NSS Special Camp at Ayanaddaippu Panchayath from 13.03.18 to 19.03.18.

More number of socially relevant, Community oriented extension programmes will be organised by the two NSS units in an effective way in the years to come also.

Kanith Tamil Peravai

The Coordinator for Kanith Tamil Peravai is Dr. S. Sumathi, AP/CSE. Various programmes are organized to encourage the study of computer science in Tamil language. A separate library is maintained under kanith Tamil Peravai.

Health Centre

Health Centre is functioning in our college in the evening hours (4:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m) on all working days. Emergency medical assistance for the students is also given during college working hours. Dr. R.K. Muthuraman from Government Medical College, Tuticorin is the Medical Officer.

Membership in Technical societies

• Indian Society for Technical Education
ISTE Institutional membership and ISTE Faculty chapter was inaugurated on 29.11.2013 by the Honourable Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. M. Rajaram at Regional Centre, Tirunelveli. 24 Teaching faculty members have enrolled for ISTE Lifetime Membership.

• Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Computer Society of India (CSI) has certified our institution as an Education Institution Member of CSI. The department has been receiving weekly copies of CSI communication every month and permission has also been granted to access CSI knowledge portal and distinguished speakers list.

• Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Students Forum of Institution of Electronics & Tele communication Engineers (IETE) has been formed in order to enrich the knowledge of students in the area of Electronics and Telecommunication. The ISF (IETE) includes 55 students from the ECE department. It also includes executive members from every year to organize the activities of ISF. The department has been receiving the bi-monthly publications of