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Welcome to UVOCCE Hostel

Chief Warden Deputy Warden-Girls Deputy Warden-Boys
Name: Dr.B.Jayanthi Designation: Dean Email: deanauttut@annauniv.edu Phone:04612310044 Name: Dr.A.Sakthi Bharathi, Designation:AP/CSE Email:v_sakthibharathi@yahoo.co.in Phone:9443066956 Name:Dr. K. Saminathan, Designation:AP/Phy Email:ksaminathan2002@yahoo.com Phone:9444254729

Hostel Admission
Hostel Admission

Occupation and Continuance / Vacating the Hostels - Forms available in office

Sl.no No of rooms available No of students occupied a room
1 21(Girls hostel) 66(boys hostel) 12 to 15 According to room size(girls hostel)
4 to 6 according strength (boys hostel)

General Information
Sl.no Staff Name
1 Mrs.M.Petchammal
2 Mrs.M.Sivalakshmi
3 Mrs.P. Sunitha Jance Annma
4 Mr. G. Miller George

House Keeping
Sl.no Staff Name
1 M.Shenbhagavalli
2 P.Malathi
3 Santhanaraj.P
4 Marisamy.K

Hostel Facilities
Sl.no Facilities
1 Wifi Connection
2 RO Water
3 TV
4 Sports

Mess timings Working days holidays
Breakfast 8.00am – 8.55am 8.15am-10.30am
Lunch 12.45pm-2.00pm 12.45pm-2.00pm
Dinner 7.30pm-8.30pm 7.30pm-8.30pm

Hostel Activities
Fresher’s Day Farewell Day Hostel Day
During month of september every year. During 4th week of March every year. During 3rd week of january every year.

Code of Conduct

• Inmates should present inside the hostel before 6pm(girls)/8pm(boys).

• Students must submit reduction form and fill up the corresponding register to get mess reduction.

• During study hours students should present inside their rooms and read(9pm-11pm).

Activities Banned / Forbidden In the Hostel

1. Birthday celebration, cake cutting are prohibited

2. inmates must stay in their allotted rooms only.

3. During study hours students should present inside their rooms and read(9pm-11pm).

Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging

1. Students involved in ragging or any other in disciplinary activities will be immediately informed to their parents and will be expelled