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About The Department

Computers are widely used in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Big Data Analytics, Computer Assisted Education, Bioinformatics and Cyber security. We are training the first years students and other branch (ECE , EEE, Geo informatics) students to get familiarity with the current topics like Object oriented programming, Data base concepts, Data structures which will be useful for their career.

Faculty Profile
Laboratory Facilities
Lab Dimensions: 20.10m- Length 10.65m- Breadth
GE8161- I Year - I Semester - All Branches- Problem Solving and Python Programming Lab
EC8381- II Year - III Semester- ECE - Fundamentals of Object oriented Programming in C Lab
GI6513- III Year - V Semester - Geo Informatics- Geo Database Laboratory
GI8211- I Year - II semester - Geo Informatics - Introduction to MATLAB
CS8383- III Year - V Semester - EEE- Object Oriented Programming Lab
Faculty In charge: Dr.A.Sakthi Bharathi, AP/CSE, HOD In Charge E. Wiselink Kirubha, AP/CSE Mrs.S. Sumathi AP/CSE